When I was very young, I was drawn to caring for women and their babies; it was this calling that led me to pursue a career in nursing.  In 1979 I moved to Northern B.C. where, while working on a maternity ward with midwives from other countries, I realized that midwifery was the perfect description of what I was to do.  As there were no midwifery programs in Canada at that time, I considered moving to the U.K. to study, but put that plan on hold to gain some personal experience.  My sons (Richard and Douglas) were born in 1981 and their sister (Roberta) was born in 1985.   Being their mother has been an amazingly enriching experience.

While home-schooling them I maintained involvement in birth by teaching prenatal classes, supporting friends as they birthed, being an active member of consumer groups that support midwifery and eventually becoming a doula and a Lactation Consultant.  When my children were older I returned to nursing; in small rural hospitals, in community health, in home care, and as an IBCLC.  After my daughter entered university I enrolled in a midwifery program, becoming a Registered Midwife in 2005. 

Initially I worked at the midwifery project in Stony Plain while continuing my small rural practice, then a move to Calgary in 2006 had me working in a variety of large practice setting.  I am now settled in solo practice as Matronae Midwifery, managing the continuous on-call work of midwifery by working in close collaboration with two other practices.

Throughout my time practicing as a Registered Midwife, I have maintained my Registered Nursing status as well as my IBCLC certification, as I find these have added value to my midwifery practice.

I served as the President of the Alberta Association of Midwives from 2011 to 2015, advocating to increase midwifery in the province, to enable more families access to the care they desire.  I have also volunteered internationally, applying my experience in low resource countries. 

My goal is to continue to advocate for women - both in Canada and abroad.